Admission Form

Admission for Session 2022-23

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The details of First time payment throught Demand Draft (DD)  is given below:-

Name :-          "Ishwar Singh Dev Samaj Sr. Sec. School, Chandigarh'


Details to be mentioned behind DD:-

1-Name of the Student

2-Father's Name

3-Class to which admission sought

4-Address and contact details of the parents.

 Admission Nursery 2022-23

The details regarding admissions for entry level class i.e. Nursery for the session 2022-23 are given in the Admission Form.

Please note the following:

1. Dates for submitting the admission forms for General and EWS – 7th to 18th December 2021.

2. Time of accepting filled forms: - 8:30 am to 1:30 pm.

3. Place for submission:- School Reception.

4. List of eligible EWS Candidates will be finalized by 14th January 2022.

5. The date of the draw for the final and waiting EWS candidates will be posted on the school website and school notice board.

6. The Final and waiting list of EWS candidates will be displayed by 1st February 2022.

Admission Schedule and Procedure 2022-23


Name of the Class at Entry Level

 Age                           Criteria

Total No. of Seats

Admission Criteria

Documents required for Admission

Fee Structure (General Category)


4 to 5 years

10 (25% for EWS)

30 (General)

Total -40

First cum first serve

 (For EWS Category)

  1. Application Form for Admission
  2. Proof of Residence in Chandigarh for at least three years proceeding to the 1st of April of the academic year in which admission is sort. (Copy of Ration Card/ Voter I-Card/ Electricity Bill/ Water Bill/ Gas Connection/Valid Driving License etc.)
  3. Attested copy of Birth Certificate or any document prescribed by the Chandigarh Administration.
  4. Copy of family annual income certificate issued by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (Annual Family income should not exceed Rs.1,50,000 per annum).

5.    Copy of Aadhaar card of candidate and parents.

6.    Latest Passport size photo of candidate.

7.     Bank Details of Guardian & Student.

8.     Certificate of SC/OBC/ST (if any)

 (For General Category)

  1. Application Form for Admission
  2. Attested copy of Birth Certificate or any documents prescribed by the Chandigarh Administration.

3.    Copy of Aadhaar card of candidate and parents.

4.    Latest Passport size photo of candidate.

5.     Bank Details of Guardian & Student.

6.     Certificate of SC/OBC/ST (if any)










Fee Structure

Realization of Dues (Per Quarter)

1.      School accepts dues up to 10th of the first month of every quarter. If the 10th of the month happens to be a holiday, the dues will be paid on the next working day. Thereafter a late fine of Rs. 5/- per day will be charged till 15th of the month. In case a student fails to pay the dues till 15th of the month, his/her name will be struck off the school rolls without notice.

2.      School fee is to be deposited in any nearby branch of Axis Bank. Either by Cash or Cheque. Payment through Net Banking or Credit Card available on School Website.

3.      NEW STUDENTS will deposit their first dues in school at the time of Admission through DD in favour of Ishwar Singh Dev Samaj Senior Secondary School.

4.      While paying the dues, please make sure that all the three receipts are duly filled in with correct Admission No., Head wise amount, Student’s Name, Class-Section, Father’s Name and Contact No. After paying dues School Copy is to be submitted in the School.

5.      School charges once paid will not be refunded.

6.      In case of loss of Fee Book a New Fee Book will be issued on depositing Rs. 30/-

7.      Quarterly Fee should be paid as mentioned below:-

Session  2022-23 

First Quarter                           April to June                          April 1st to 10th

Second Quarter                     July to September                 July 1st to 10th

Third Quarter                         October to December            October 1st to 10th

Fourth Quarter                       January to March                   January 1st to 10th


Class / Session

Annual Charges



Quarterly Charges




Tuition Fee 




Quarter 1 (Excluding Practical Charges)

Remaining Per Quarter

(Excluding Practical Charges)

Practical Charges

Other Practical

Computer Science



Additional/ 6th Subject

(One time only)

Nur. & K.G


700 x 3=2,100/-

270 x 3 =810/-


970 x 3 = 2,910





1st to 5th


500 x 3=1,500/-



500 x 3 = 1,500





6th to 8th


540 x 3=1,620/-



540 x 3 = 1,620





9th & 10th


590 x 3=1,770/-

37 x 3 = 111/-(for boys only)

Boys -7,611

Girls- 7,500

Boys : 627 x 3 = 1881

Girls : 590 x 3 = 1,770





11th & 12th    Arts & Commerce


885 x 3=2,655/-

50 x 3 = 150/- (for boys only)



Boys : 935 x 3 = 2,805

Girls : 885 x 3 = 2,655

40 x 3 = 120/-

70 x 3 = 210/-

40 x 3 = 120/-


11th & 12th Medical & Non - Medical


1570 x 3=4,710/-

380 x 3 = 1,140/-


1950 x 3 = 5,850

80 x 3 = 240/-


40 x 3 = 120/-


Admission Fee

Registration Charges

Class IX & X:  Rs. 12

Nursery To Class XII (Arts & Commerce ):  Rs  300/-

Class XI & XII Arts & Commerce : Rs. 25

Class XI & XII (Science):  Rs. 550/-

Nursery, KG, XI & XII Science : Rs.110

Admission Fee and Registration Charges for New Students Only














Dear Parents, The Admissions for Class 11 for the session 2021-22 is open for All Streams (Humanities, Commerce, Non-Medical & Medical)


CLASS XI and XII : School offers all streams Medical, Non Medical, Commerce and Arts. A student is required to select 5 subjects for the opted stream (1 Core & 4 Electives)



Compulsory Elective

Optional Electives


Core Subject


Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Physical Education


Additional Subject NCC



Physics, Chemistry, Maths

Physical Education


Additional Subject NCC



Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics

Physical Education / Maths / Music (Inst) Computer Science  


Additional Subject NCC





1. Sociology/Economics/ Music (Vocal)

2. Pol. Science/ History/ Psychology

3. Phy. Edu./Maths/Computer Science/Music (Instrumental)

4. Hindi/Punjabi/Sanskrit


Additional Subject NCC




(a). As per C.B.S.E. by-laws there is no upper limit to the number of subjects a student may offer but because of administrative constraints, school does not provide teaching facilities in more than five subjects.

(b). In no case a student is allowed to change any subject in Class XII as per C.B.S.E. rules.

(c). A student can take one additional subject in class XI-XII, for which separate fees will be charged.

(d). In class XI a student can change her/his subject before 31st October with the approval of the Principal.

(e). No provision will be made for subject opted by less than 5 students.


(f).  The candidate who is placed in compartment in class X shall be admitted provisionally to class XI till she/he takes first chance Compartment Exam of that year. His/her admission shall be treated as cancelled if he/she fails to pass at the first chance Compartment Examination.