School Acheivements



By 2019, the school will inculcate COMMUNICATION SKILLS among the students for condience building and improving the learning process.




The Schools are full of activity throughout the year. To be meaningful, education can not be one-dimensional. Holistic education should cover all aspects of human behaviour. For this purpose education should include sports, hobbies, co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities so that each student can get something to exhibit his inherent talent. We in our School make a very conscious effort in this regard and our students have been taking active part in the activities organized in the school. The school has made an all round progress in all fields and has achieved its present position after lot of hard work by various agencies - The management, the staff, students and above all Dev Samaj Managing Council. The subsequent paragraphs contain some of the important achievements in various fields.


Report January to April 2015

  Report May to August 2015

Report (JANUARY to APRIL, 2014)


1.    Moral Education:


Every Saturday zero period has been fixed to teach the Moral Education to the students to inculcate moral values among students.





2.    Curricular Activities:


a)    3 students of Class IX-A participated in 2nd Level of Mathematics Olympiad.

b)    Mahatma Gandhi Rashtriya Bhasha Hindi Prachar Sanstha Conducted exam in school. 132 students participated in it. 2 students, Deepa of Class IV-A and Arushi of Class VIII-A got Gold Medals and other were awarded certificates.


3.    Extra Curricular Activities: -


(a)  Republic Day: - Republic Day was celebrated in the school Flag was hoisted. A cultural programme was presented by the students comprising patriotic songs, dances and speeches.


(b)  31 students of our school participated in the Parade on the occasion of Republic Day 2014 function held at Parade Ground Sector 17, Chandigarh.  


(c)  Activity on Earth Day: - Poster making competition was conducted in the school by Eco-Club on 26th April 2014 for classes VI to X to aware the students about drastic conditions of earth and students were informed how to save our earth for future.

(d)  Kindness Club: Kindness Club conducted an activity (lecture delivered by Mrs. Jeevan) under the kind guidance of Madam Principal on topic “Avoid the use of Leather products” on 28th April 2014 for the students of 9th and 10th.

(e)  Science Club: Science Club conducted on essay writing competition on the topic “Balance to Eco System” for classes VI to X in the school on 29th April 2014.



4.    Sports:



(a)  National Level:-


a)    Sarwan (Class XI-a) got Gold Medal in Sambo Junior National Championship held at Mahendergard, Haryana during January 4th to 8th 2014.

b)   Dhamanpreet Kaur (Class VII-A) participated in Kho-Kho School National Games held at Karnataka during January 12th to 21st 2014.



(b)  State Level:



a)      Our team of 8 students participated and they got 4th position in State Level Korfball Tournament held at Panjab University  Chandigarh on 18th January 2014

b)      Alka Rana (Class XII-C) got Gold Medal, Anu (Class XI-A) got Silver Medal,, Pratibha (Class XI-A), Sunil Kumar (Class XI-A), Sarwan (Class XI-A) and Amit Hooda (Class XI-C1) got Bronze Medal in Senior State Judo Tournament held at Khalsa College, Sector 26 Chandigarh on 28th January 2014.


Report May to August 2014

September to December 2014